Looking for a Steadicam Op?

Steadicam Operators Association

Hudson Stafford is a Certified Steadicam Operator and SOA member based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Through experience as a DP, Hudson understands not only the techniques of camera rig operation, but the importance of framing and visual storytelling through every shot.

Local to: Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC and Nashville TN (Georgia stedicam operator, North Carolina stedicam operator, Tennessee stedicam operator). Will travel.


(SOA = Steadicam Operators Association)
Steadicam Rig/Equipment:

  • Steadicam Shadow-V Sled
  • Steadicam G70X Arm (10-70lb Camera Package)
  • Steadicam Ultra2 Vest
  • Transvideo CineMonitorHD X-SBL (1500nits)
  • Program return monitor and tally for broadcast
  • Wireless Follow Focus 1-Ch
  • Wireless HD transmitter/receiver¬†(900ft)
  • Anton Bauer batteries. (3-pin)
  • Cables for Arri; Alexa, Amira, Alexa Mini / RED; WEAPON, EPIC, SCARLET / XLR-4
  • Steadicam Steadimate
What is Steadicam?

Steadicam is a camera stabilizer for motion picture cameras. It isolates the operator’s movement through its many axises, allowing for a smooth, isolated, yet precise shot even when the camera moves over an irregular surface. It also allows for long smooth shots that can move through practically any space maintaining a completely steady and isolated look. Our “Big Rig” can carry camera packages ranging from 10-70+ lbs and also boasts all axis’s of stabilization, unlike both of those limitations of a 3-axis gimbals. Another great advantage of this system is that it glides through space with the arm and vest attached to the operator, therefore needs no track, unlike a camera dolly, making it the perfect tool for long lasting shots.

Please reach out to me via the form below. Or if you prefer contact me by phone or email. I will respond to you promptly!

Cell Phone – 704 – 877 – 2162

Email – hudson@madseedstudio.com

Social Media – Instagram

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